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Support Readbooks!

Your support is crucial to the success of this program. If you want to help us in our drive to foster braille literacy in the next generation of readers, here are several ways you can make a difference.

Make a Gift to NBP for ReadBooks!

Even the smallest donation helps defray the costs of producing braille book bags — for example, a donation of $60 will buy the materials for a complete ReadBooks! bag. This kind of support sends a powerful message to funding sources that both consumers and professionals find our services valuable.

Identify Possible Funding Sources in Your Area.

Are there corporations, civic groups, or foundations where you live that might be interested in supporting this early literacy initiative? Please tell them about the ReadBooks! program and relay their contact information to our Development Office.

Donate Through Your Local Chapter or Affiliate.

If you are a member of a blindness organization, donate through your local chapter or affiliate. Several state affiliates of blind consumer groups have generously given money to support our braille publications. You can restrict your chapter's donation to the ReadBooks! program.

Write a Letter of Support.

If you have personally received a ReadBooks! bag and wish to send a letter of appreciation, we encourage you to do so. Your personal testimonials matter a great deal to foundations and corporations who are besieged with requests for funding.

Volunteer Your Time.

If you live nearby and wish to volunteer your time or that of an organization to which you belong, check our volunteer opportunities page. If you don't live locally, you could organize a bake sale, talk with local Lions clubs, or raise pledges from skiers, runners, or walkers. Everyone can help promote braille literacy!

If you have questions or other ideas about how to support NBP, please email our Development Office, or call (617) 266-6160, ext. 410. Thank you!