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ReadBooks! Program: Information for Educators

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"The informational literature is exactly what I needed as I am her instructor and need as much information as I can find. The wonderful extras, flag and Wikki Stix, add to make the bag FUN! I have just opened the bag and have further exploration to do but I wanted to stop and offer a heartfelt thank you! Miracles do happen!"
  — Bonnie Hoggatt

Did You Know?

Did you know that as a teacher of blind or visually impaired children you can request a free bag of beginning braille materials from National Braille Press for every student (ages 0-7) you work with?

Even if your student isn't currently learning braille or you are unsure whether they ever will, these free materials will expose them and their families to braille at an early age, increasing their awareness of braille and its life-changing potential.

Bags are available in English or Spanish.

Braille Bags Contain:

  1. An age-appropriate print/braille book for three age groups, in English or Spanish: birth-3 (red bags), 4-5 (blue bags), and 6-7 (green bags);
  2. A coupon for choosing two of the three following free items: a set of large print/braille playing cards; an additional print/braille book; a copy of Just Enough to Know Better —a braille primer for sighted parents;
  3. A print/braille alphabet card, showing the braille symbol for each letter A-Z and each number 0-9;
  4. Because Books Matter, a guide for parents on why and how to read books with their young blind child;
  5. Because Pictures Matter, a guide for parents on using, finding, and creating tactile imagery;
  6. A tactile graphic or flag;
  7. A tactile ball (red bags only);
  8. Wikki Stix, a product that allows a child to make tactile pictures (blue or green bags only);
  9. Tactile Alphabet Letter sheets, showing upper- and lowercase print letters in raised-line format (blue bags only);
  10. Tactile Number sheets (green bags only);
  11. A braille caravan block.

What Other Teachers Are Saying

"Thank you! These bags have changed how my parents see how much their blind child loves their books! The resources in these bags are AWESOME! You could never know how thankful we are for these wonderful bags."
  — Lina Jones

"Thank you! I am a teacher and distribute the bags to parents. I go over the great stuff in the bag and show them the coupon. Often parents are overwhelmed when there kids are this young and overlook doing that. I will continue to remind them with follow up visits! They really enjoy the books, ball and all the great information contained in the bag!"
  — Andrea Amestoy

How to Order a Bag

Ordering a bag is easy. Just fill out the request form below. Remember to let us know whether you want the bags sent to you (so you can hand deliver them to families), or if you want them sent directly to the child/family.