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What's New at NBP

The Second Annual Braille Poetry Contest:
Winners Announced!

photo of a sunflower.

We're excited to announce the winners of our 2nd annual Braille Poetry Contest! The 2018 contest theme was "Nature." With over 60 fantastic entries to choose from, it was a hard decision. Thank you to all our entrants, and we encourage you to enter future contests!

The winners chosen for each grade level were:

Category K-2
"I Went On A Nature Walk" by Cooper Jewell

Category 3-5
"Autumn" by Charlie Prior

Category 6-8
"Untitled" by Refael Shuter

Category 9-12
"One of Many" by Cameron Clark

Category Adult
"The Thompson River Flows" by Paul Martz

Read the winning poems!

Category K-2
"I Went On A Nature Walk"
by Cooper Jewell
    I went on a nature walk.
    I heard dew falling.
    I heard a rooster crow.
    I heard the leaves crunching.

    I went on a nature walk.
    I saw the leaves dancing.
    I saw the fog.
    I saw the tall trees.

    I went on a nature walk.
    I felt a prickly pine cone.
    I felt a sharp stick.
    I felt the tickly grass.

    I went on a nature walk.
    I smelled the wild onions.
    I smelled the daisies.
    I smelled the seeds from a
    Mimosa Tree.

Category 3-5
By Charlie Prior
    Autumn sounds like the wind howling
    through the majestic trees.

    Autumn feels like squishing juicy
    red berries in my hand.

    Autumn looks like golden
    yellow and rusty leaves falling
    from the trees.

    Autumn smells like red apple
    fresh from the tree.

    Autumn tastes like drizzly
    cold rain dropping in my mouth

    Autumn is delightful.

Category 6-8
By Refael Shuter
    Flowers look nice, and smell nice too,
    they come in many colors, from green to blue.
    Trees are tall, strong, and thick,
    when I touch them, they feel like a stick.
    The wind blows the leaves around,
    when you step on them, they make a nice sound.
    This is the end of my poetic rhyme,
    I hope you have liked it at this time.

Category 9-12
"One of Many"
By Cameron Clark
    One, an ant who carried the world on his head
    (as ants are apt to do, it is said)
    once paused outside the strong walls of his hive
    and looking up, beheld the globe of the sun
    which heated, and gave him warmth. It is said
    when he was seen (by the middle-management) his head
    was subjected to their antennae
    until he blushed a pallid red -
    and hastened his scuttle, running to his queen,
    who demanded he feed the larvae
    the colonies pride and joy. It's also said
    One crept out again
    and arose toward the thread
    of the sun: its strengthening glow. It is said
    he never returned,
    and nobody saw him, though they guessed
    he disappeared into the forest.

Category Adult
"The Thompson River Flows"
By Paul Martz
    A stream of snowmelt dances and cascades,
    Abandoning her mountain crib arrayed
    With quilts of columbine. From alpenglow's
    Magenta light, the Thompson River flows.

    Mature, rebellious, full of trout and mood,
    Her rushing muscles wear the bedrock smooth.
    Sedate, she suns her rippled face, a queen
    With eddies crowned by autumn's leaves citrine.

    From heavy rain and sullen charcoal skies,
    Her turbulent and hostile waters rise.
    She floods the canyon, showing no restraint.
    Then, apathetic and aloof, she wanes.

    In time, adorned in prairie grass, she meets
    The South Platte, far from Rocky
    Mountain peaks.
    Embracing her, he soothes her fickle throes,
    And in his arms, the Thompson River flows.

Posted 2/11/2019

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Celebrating Louis

book cover of Six Dots.

In honor of Louis Braille's birthday month, consider becoming a Literacy Champion by making a monthly donation of $5 or more to NBP. Support braille every day!

This month is also a great time to help spread the word about Louis's genius. Share C. Michael Mellor's incredible biography, Louis Braille: A Touch of Genius, with sighted friends, family members, teachers or students — anyone with a curious mind. For this month only, you can get either the print or braille version of the book for only $20!

Younger readers will love the gorgeous new picture book biography of Louis Braille by Jen Bryant: Six Dots: A Story of Young Louis Braille. Bryant tells Louis's inspiring story with a lively and accessible text, filled with the sounds, the smells, and the touch of Louis's world.

Posted 1/4/2017

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