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What's New at NBP

Announcing National Braille Press's very first Poetry Contest!

poetry contest image describes the entry categories.

THEME: The Five Senses

HOW TO ENTER: Submit a poem focused on the theme "The Five Senses" as a braille file (.brf format) to OR mail a hard copy to Poetry Contest, National Braille Press, 88 Saint Stephen Street, Boston, MA 02115. The poem must be an original work less 125 words, using English Braille American Edition or Unified English Braille. Please indicate the entry level of your submission: grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, or Adult. Please include name, address, and phone number with the submission.

PRIZE: A winner from each level will be awarded $100 in prizes from NBP.

Read the NBP Poetry Contest Guidelines and Rules.

Posted 8/3/2017

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NBP Wins Corporate LiveWire Innovation and Excellence Award

corporate livewire award logo, says corporate livewaire innovation and excellence awards 2017.

National Braille Press was honored to receive a Corporate LiveWire Innovation and Excellence Award. From the development and incorporation of cutting edge technology to the creation of forward thinking strategies, the Innovation and Excellence Awards honour and celebrate those businesses and firms who are creating a brighter tomorrow. The Innovation & Excellence Awards give recognition to businesses that are transforming their respective industries and the standard-bearers of excellence by continually setting industry trends as well as showing significant advances in terms of innovation and improvement.

"The team at Corporate LiveWire admired the work of the NBP President, Brian Mac Donald, and the rest of the company to make braille more innovative. The panel of judges were particularly impressed by the array of inventive products that have been developed at the Center for Braille Innovation, and applauded NBP’s notable list of partners and volunteers: organisations such as Google and IBM have contributed to these life-changing products... The panel of judges wanted to celebrate NBP’s multi award-winning achievements; in an increasingly digital world, it is vital that the blind and partially sighted are included."

Read about all the winners here, or download the page about National Braille Press.

Posted 3/17/2017

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Rediscovering the Braille Challenge

braille challenge logo.

Ashley Bernard, a proofreader at NBP, volunteered at this year's Braille Challenge and writes about her inspirational experience.

This year, I was given the opportunity to volunteer as a scorer during the Braille Challenge. Since I had participated in the Braille Challenge as a child, it was particularly interesting looking at the event from a different perspective. For me, this annual day of competitive braille reading had always been about doing one's best and putting braille knowledge to the test. It was also an important time to make, and build, lifelong friendships with braille readers of a similar age.

Now, I believe that those aspects are even more true after watching this most recent Braille Challenge take place. It feels to me as though having a child partake in such a day is more necessary than it ever has been, due to the popular and inaccurate assumption that blind people can use digital media to take the place of written language. As someone who uses braille in and out of the workplace, there is no way I could ever function to the best of my ability without it.

My hope is that more children attend the Braille Challenge, regardless of their braille skill, and that everyone, child or otherwise, continue to appreciate the value of braille in everyday life. The Braille Challenge defines everything that braille means to me. It's not only about learning, or competing, or winning. It's about gaining confidence, creating friendships, becoming independent, and of course, diving into the many worlds found within the pages of countless books. As a first-time scorer, I was thrilled to see a new generation of children embark on this journey, and I hope to continue doing so in the years to come.

Posted 2/22/2017

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Celebrating Louis

book cover of Six Dots.

In honor of Louis Braille's birthday month, consider becoming a Literacy Champion by making a monthly donation of $5 or more to NBP. Support braille every day!

This month is also a great time to help spread the word about Louis's genius. Share C. Michael Mellor's incredible biography, Louis Braille: A Touch of Genius, with sighted friends, family members, teachers or students — anyone with a curious mind. For this month only, you can get either the print or braille version of the book for only $20!

Younger readers will love the gorgeous new picture book biography of Louis Braille by Jen Bryant: Six Dots: A Story of Young Louis Braille. Bryant tells Louis's inspiring story with a lively and accessible text, filled with the sounds, the smells, and the touch of Louis's world.

Posted 1/4/2017

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