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Our Board

Trustees | Members of the Corporation | Honorary Trustees

Remembering Bob O'Brien


National Braille Press continues to enjoy a dedicated, supportive, and competent Board of Trustees. Their collective strength and the direction they provide are critical to our success.

  • Julie Pierog, Chair
  • Shelly O’Neill, Vice-chair
  • Joe Abely, Treasurer
  • Tara Gearhart, Clerk
  • David Antoine Atallah
  • James Barrow
  • Mike Brown
  • Christopher Cavallerano
  • Kate Crohan
  • Ian Cross
  • Daniel Hirce
  • David Kennedy
  • Janet LaBreck
  • Lisamaria Martinez
  • Brendan O’Brien
  • Paul Parravano
  • Nicholas Racheotes
  • William M. Raeder
  • Matthew Richardson
  • Neal Rosen
  • Mark Sadecki
  • Barbara Salisbury
  • Paul W. Schroeder
  • Matthew Sullivan
  • Janet Ulwick-Sacca
  • Cliff Watkin
  • Frances West

Members of the Corporation

Members of the Corporation include the Trustees and other persons elected to membership by the Board of Trustees. They elect Trustees, are supportive of our efforts, and broaden public awareness of our mission, our work, and our need for support.

  • Joanne Becker
  • Maria Bedny
  • Bonnie Bernard
  • Deane Blazie
  • Tracy Boland
  • Jennifer Bose
  • Michael Brown
  • Alco Canfield
  • Brian K. Charlson
  • Kim Charlson
  • Bart Coughlin
  • Diane Croft
  • Cheryl Cumings
  • Thomas Cumings
  • Kenneth Davis
  • Jayne Donahue
  • Jennifer Dunnam
  • Tina Fiorentino
  • Timothy Fulham
  • Frank Gibney
  • David Gross
  • Dawn Gross
  • Steve Grossman
  • William C. Hays
  • William Henderson
  • Steven Hill
  • Joanne Y. Jaxtimer
  • David Kennedy
  • Jennifer Khoury
  • Hilary Kleck
  • Judith Krimski
  • Lowell Laporte
  • Gerald Lauderdale
  • Maureen Fallon Leonard
  • Betty Levine
  • Caleb Loring, Jr,
  • George Maley
  • Edward Mank
  • Scott Marshall
  • Carol McCarl
  • Scott McGrath
  • Charles Boyden Ohl, Sr.
  • Marisa Parker
  • Kara Peters
  • Ele Pham
  • Andrea Polino
  • KaeAnn Rausch
  • Dawn Rice Norton
  • Christine M. Roberge
  • Lyn Shields
  • Pawan Sinha
  • Robert J. Smithdas
  • Glenn P. Strehle
  • Joseph Sullivan
  • Peter Sullivan
  • Christene Szostak
  • David A. Ticchi
  • Lori Tsuruda
  • Gayle Yarnall

Honorary Trustees

Honorary Trustees are those who have retired from Trusteeship and who, because of their outstanding dedication and service to our organization, have been elected "honorary." Honorary Trustees maintain all of the privileges and none of the responsibilities of Trusteeship.

Frederick M. Achille
Louis Goldish
Wycliffe Grousbeck
Tom Hagan
William C. Hays
Vito A. Proscia
Tom Sullivan
Erik Weihenmayer
Richard H. Willis

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