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Looking to become more accessible? Please use the form to contact us. We will be in touch within 3 business days. All information provided will remain confidential.

Braille for Education

National Braille Press is anchored in education. Our approach offers the opportunity for blind and visually impaired students to learn in a world where access is universal, and high-quality braille and tactile graphics are not only necessary, but required.

Braille for Business

Our specialized work spans 90 years, and in providing accessible, high-quality braille materials to a wide range of clients, we've supported customized transcriptions from the very beginning...

National Braille Press is All About Braille

We support a lifetime of opportunity for blind children through braille literacy, and provides access to information that empowers blind people to actively engage in work, family, and community affairs.

Careers at National Braille Press

About the position: The Sales Administrator is a dedicated team player that works closely with our Sales and Production teams to assist in data entry, file maintenance and transfer and disseminating necessary information to deliver appropriate materials on time, to meet our client s expectations. This person will have strong communication skills and will be able to provide the Production staff the details and specifications needed to ensure the proper deliverables to the client. We are looking for someone with an outgoing personality, that enjoys a fast-paced environment, and has the skills to develop relationships to support sales and production in administrative duties.

A Tour of National Braille Press

Producing braille begins with transcription. Transcriptionists use special software, such as Duxbury, to transcribe written/print words into braille code. Most books arrive at NBP in hard copy and are scanned into a digital file, although some do arrive digitally. Braille code looks similar to HTML and other computer coding, using different sequences for complex formatting of braille letters, words, paragraphs, and pages. Transcriptionists need to look at all the pages, fix contractions, number the pages, and format the words center, bold, italic, etc before the braille copy is reviewed by a proofreader.

Our Staff

One fourth of our staff has a disability, predominantly blindness, filling positions at all levels. A fundamental belief at NBP is that blind people can, want to, and should work for companies that value talent and hard work above all.Our transcribers and proofreaders ensure the highest quality braille materials. All of our transcribers are certified by the Library of Congress and have competencies in one or more of the following codes: literary, Nemeth, computer, and music braille. Our proofreaders are braille readers, also certified by the Library of Congress, and collectively bring over 80 years of experience to the job.

Get Involved

You can make a difference in the lives of blind people by getting involved with National Braille Press.

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We'd love to hear from you! If you have questions or comments, please feel free to send them to us now. We'll make sure your message is delivered to the most appropriate team member and get back to you as soon as we can. Mailing Address:National Braille Press88 St. Stephen StreetBoston, MA 02115USA Telephone:Main Number: 617-266-6160Toll Free: 888-965-8965Bookstore: 800-548-7323 ext. 520 (toll free US only) Fax: 617-437-0456Email:

Who We Are

NBP empowers the blind and visually impaired with programs, materials, and technology supporting braille literacy and learning through touch.