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Braille for Kids & Teachers

Students using raphigraphes and reading braille books, courtesy Musee Valentin Hauy, France

Braille for Business

Our specialized work spans 90 years, and in providing accessible, high-quality braille materials to a wide range of clients, we've supported customized transcriptions from the very beginning...

Estate Planning

Planned giving is a wise investment that can provide considerable tax benefits and income for you and your loved ones. The Braille for Life Alliance honors supporters who wish to support our mission into the future by making provisions for National Braille Press in their estate plans - either by will, trust, or life income gifts.

Science and Technology

"Implicitly or otherwise, the educational system has diminished expectations of the blind. If science is hard for me, a sighted adult might reason, it must be doubly hard for a blind person."

Make A Gift

Literacy Champions are our monthly donors. By committing to give even just $5 or $10 a month, your donation will provide a dependable source of revenue that allows us to keep producing high-quality, low-cost braille products.

Children's Braille Book Club Current & Back Titles

You can purchase a 12-month or 6 month subscription to the Book Club.

Children's Braille Book Club

You can purchase a 12-month or 6 month subscription to the Book Club.

Renew Your Subscriptions

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Our Events

Whether it's attending a gala featuring comedians such as Jay Leno or Howie Mandel or running in the most extraordinary road race of your life, National Braille Press has an event for you! Here are some of the ways you can have fun while making a difference!

Programs Promoting Braille Literacy

See also: Our focus on Science and Technology education.

Describe Iggy Peck, Architect Pictures

Blind kids benefit from picture descriptions every bit as much as sighted kids do from seeing the pictures. Don't forget to share these picture descriptions, written by a descriptive audio expert, especially for Great Expectations!

Tallest Tower Activity

Building is fun and a little competition makes it even more fun!