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Pauline lets her little brother John-John help out with her lemonade stand. She teaches him how to attract customers, how to count money, what each of the coins are worth, and much more!

When you teach a friend or sibling something new, it's important to give good instructions. The opposite is also true! When you want to learn something new, it's important to follow instructions well. This means listening closely, reading carefully, and asking questions.

The 10 Step Game!

It may seem easy to follow instructions — but is it always that simple? Let's see just how well you can follow the instructions below. This game is super fun with a group, so grab your friends, classmates, or siblings to join in.

Each player should:


boy pulls green slime

The Right Way to Make Slime

Take the slime recipe with unnumbered steps (in print or braille), and cut each step of the instructions into a separate strip of paper. Mix up the strips randomly and have a friend or classmate arrange them in what they think is the correct order. Then, make the recipe following their steps exactly. Were you successful? Want to try again? If you want to know the correct order, take a look at the version of the recipe with numbered steps.

Slime Recipe (Non-Toxic — and Even Edible!)

What You'll Need


This activity was created by Tony Grima for Great Expectations.

Exact Instructions Challenge

Watch the video with your kids and describe what the father is doing, or read our video description here.

Watch this dad make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich by exactly following his kid's written instructions! After the silly chaos of the first attempt, the kids start using much more precise words like "first, then, in, on top of," and so on. See these kids learn the importance of choosing their words carefully.

You can do this at home, too! Write down step-by-step instructions for the following activities and have your parents follow your directions exactly:

  • Making a bed
  • Feeding the dog or cat
  • Brushing your teeth
  • Putting on a jacket
  • Tying your shoes

Make it even more fun by having someone follow your instructions as you read them. This works well with putting on a jacket — or tying shoes!

Do the Hokey Pokey!

An easy and fun way to listen to and follow directions — and get the juices flowing!

Simon Says

cartoon drawing of kids raising one hand in the air. text says, simon says, put your left armm up.

This classic game is fun and easily adaptable. One person is "Simon" and calls out instructions for everyone else to follow, like "Simon says, hop on one foot." Make it even more challenging by adding 2- or 3-part instructions, like "Simon says, jump two times and pat your head."

Whatever Simon calls out, everyone has to do, but if the command is given without the "Simon says" part, everyone should ignore it. If someone messes up, they are out of the game. Who will be the last person left? — the person who follows instructions the best!

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