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We're pleased to announce that all departments of National Braille Press are back to working at full capacity!
We continue to offer free downloads on selected books.
Thank you for your patience and understanding through this difficult time!

Our Mission

National Braille Press empowers the blind and visually impaired with programs, materials, and technology supporting braille literacy and learning through touch.

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Discover Braille

Braille transcription is an art! Only a certified braille transcriber can create perfect braille. Want to know more? Find out how to become a braille transcriber.

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Photo of the graphic image of the milky way in touch the stars

New & Updated: Touch the Stars

In Touch the Stars, seemingly visual concepts become tangible through text and touch and bring the excitement of the constellations, comets, and meteor showers down to earth — and onto the page.
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Braille for Business

A business card embossed in braille.

Braille Business Solutions

Make a lasting impression with customized business cards and other collateral material with braille.
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Young boy reading braille picture book

Braille Literacy in Crisis

For blind people braille is the path to becoming literate yet an astonishing, 90% of blind children are not learning braille in school.
Ways you can help

Braille Technology

The braille me sits on a green table with an apple nearby

The Braille Me

This refreshable braille reader created by Innovision uses a groundbreaking new technology to power the braille display — allowing us to slash costs.
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NBP's Virtual Graduation

If you, your student, or child is blind or visually impaired and graduating from high school or college this spring, we'd love to share their achievement in a virtual graduation experience on June 4, 2020 at 7 PM.
Visit our graduation page to register

What's New

Free downloads through August 31st!

Free downloads through August 31st!

To help you take on some of the practical challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, we're offering free digital downloads of certain books, through August 31st.
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Help put braille books in the hands of blind children.

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No student wants to be left behind, check out our textbooks.

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