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Do you know how to tie your shoes? It's simple.

Just follow Steps 1 through 8 in the sidebar and practice until you get the hang of it!

Make Your Own Shoes!

The project is from

You can decorate these shoes however you like: create ballet shoes, robot shoes, baseball shoes — the possibilities are endless. They're great for clomping around during a silly dance party or a goofy relay race. You can also practice your shoe-tying skills.

Photo of the completed cardboard shoes

What You'll Need

How to Make Cardboard Shoes

This activity was created by Lisamaria Martinez for Great Expectations.

How to Tie Your Shoes

Step 1. Take both shoe laces, one in each hand, and cross one over the other to make an X.

Step 2. Take the end of the shoelace that's lying across the top, and move the end toward you and under the other shoelace. Pull both laces tight.

Step 3. This is a basic knot.

Step 4. Now you're going to tie a second knot. BUT, this time, don't pull the laces tight. Leave a small opening between the two knots, so you have a circle in the middle.

Step 5. Next take one lace and push it UP through the open circle — BUT don't pull it all the way through. Leave a big loop ("bunny ear").

Step 6. Do the same with the other shoelace: UP through the circle. Now you've got two floppy loops.

Step 7. Grab both "bunny ears" — at the same time — and pull to tighten.

Step 8. You've tied your shoes!
Image says Teach your blind child how to tie shoes.

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