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Blind kids benefit from picture descriptions every bit as much as sighted kids do from seeing the pictures. Don't forget to share these picture descriptions, written by a descriptive audio expert, especially for Great Expectations!

Picture Descriptions for Lemonade in Winter

These descriptions were written by Jill Robbins for Great Expectations.

Lemonade in Winter Read-Along

Listen to Lemonade in Winter being read out loud. Can you follow along in braille?

A Feel for Money

At the end of Lemonade in Winter, Pauline teaches John-John about pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Learn all about what makes each coin unique and play fun games to practice telling them apart by touch.

The Final Tally

When Pauline and John-John close up their lemonade stand for the day, they have sold 11 cups of drink and made $4.00 total. Here is the breakdown:

5 cups sold for 50 cents each = $2.50 and
6 cups sold for 25 cents each = $1.50

How much money would they have if they sold…

  • All 11 cups for 50 cents each?
  • All 11 cups for 25 cents each?
  • 4 cups for 50 cents each and 7 cups for 10 cents each?
  • 7 cups for 50 cents each and 4 cups for 10 cents each?

Helpful Words

Notice all the helpful, descriptive words, like snowy and fluffy, that we've used to bring the Lemonade in Winter pictures to life? These words are called adjectives, and are used to describe people, places, and things. Can you pick out the adjective (or adjectives) in the sentences below?

The girl's brown bangs and dark eyes peek out from the hood of her fluffy pink coat.

Snowy puddles dot the floor around the kids' feet.

His striped scarf blows sideways in the cold wind.

Icicles hang from the building's snowy roof.

Their faces peer out from hoods and woolen caps and billowing scarves.

Mom and Dad, wearing cozy slippers, open the door for the kids when they arrive.

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