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Children's Braille Book Club

Welcome to the only Children's Braille Book Club featuring a new print/braille book every month!

You can purchase a 12-month or 6 month subscription to the Book Club.

See our list of recent and upcoming Book Club Selections!

Book cover for i'm my own dog Book cover for the day you bein Book cover for the sound of silence

Two Ways to Join the Club

  1. Buy an annual subscription — for $120 — and automatically receive twelve monthly print/braille books. This saves you the hassle of ordering and it saves you money.
  2. 6-Month Subscriptions — for $60 — and automatically receive six monthly print/braille books. This makes a great gift!

    You can also join our email list to learn about new books as they become available.

How We Produce Print/Braille Books

  • Every month, National Braille Press's editors choose a popular, classic, and/or seasonally-appropriate children's book in print.
  • Our Production Staff cuts the print books apart at the spine and inserts the identical text in braille on transparent plastic sheets.
  • The books are rebound in a print/braille format the whole family can enjoy.

Our Pricing Policy

As a private nonprofit organization, National Braille Press subsidizes the books it sells to blind readers, so that they cost no more that the retail print books.

The difference between our sales price and the actual cost of production is significant. If you'd like to help support the Children's Braille Book Club and our mission, visit Support Us.