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Microsoft Word 2016 Keystroke Compendium

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Applies to: Word 2016, Word 2013, Word 2010, Word 2007, Word Starter, Word Starter 2010
This article shows all keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word. The shortcuts in this article refer to the U.S. keyboard layout.

Frequently Used Shortcuts
Use the Keyboard to Navigate the Ribbon
Use the Access Keys
Use Commands on a Ribbon by Using the Keyboard
Use Access Keys When You Can See the KeyTips
Change Focus by Using the Keyboard Instead of a Mouse
Keyboard Shortcut Reference for Microsoft Word
Create and Edit Documents
Create, View, and Save Documents
Work with Web Content
Print and Preview Documents
Check Spelling and Review Changes in a Document
Find, Replace, and Go to Specific Items in the Document
Use the Keyboard to Move Around in a Document
Insert or Mark Table of Contents, Footnotes, and Citations
Work with Documents in Different Views
Switch to another View of the Document
Work with Headings in Outline View
Navigate in Read Mode View
Edit and Move Text and Graphics
Select Text and Graphics
Extend a Selection
Delete Text and Graphics
Copy and Move Text and Graphics
Edit and Navigate Tables
Select Text and Graphics in a Table
Move within a Table
Insert Paragraphs and Tab Characters in a Table
Format Characters and Paragraphs
Format Characters
Change or Resize the Font
Copy Formatting
Change Paragraph Alignment
Copy and Review Text Formats
Set Line Spacing
Apply Styles to Paragraphs
Insert Special Characters
Insert Characters by Using Character Codes
Insert and Edit Objects
Insert an Object
Edit an Object
Insert SmartArt Graphics
Insert WordArt
Mail Merge and Fields
Perform a Mail Merge
Work with Fields
Language Bar
Set Proofing Language
Turn on East Asian Input Method Editors
Function Key Reference
Function Keys
Shift+Function Keys
Ctrl+Function Keys
Ctrl+Shift+Function Keys
Alt+Function Keys
Alt+Shift+Function Keys
Ctrl+Alt+Function Keys