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For Women Only


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Health Information Just for Women
Includes 11 tactile graphics. Note that the electronic (BRF) edition of this book does NOT include the tactiles!
In two volumes

It's no secret that women are built differently than men. But many people don't know that a heart attack or stroke may have different warning signs in a woman. Or that women are more likely than men to suffer from irregularity or to lose muscle and bone as they age. And of course, breast cancer is a leading cause of death only in women, and only women have to deal with the symptoms of menopause and its effects on sexual function.

That's why the editors at Nutrition Action Healthletter have put together this updated collection of NAH articles that spotlight health issues that matter to women. We feature advice from some of the top experts in women's health like JoAnn Manson, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, and Bess Dawson-Hughes, director of the Bone Metabolism Laboratory at Tufts University. These women aren't just authorities on the latest research — they're leading it.

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Or get

Breast cancer defense
Ovarian & uterine cancer: a quick take
A strike against stroke
Heart disease in women
Menopause & beyond
Protecting your bones
Saving muscle
Curbing accidental leaks
Staying regular