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Picture of Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

by Jeff Kinney


Format: eBraille (download)

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Item: WIMPY1

Available in BRF only. Note: This book is in EBAE (older) braille code, not in UEB.

Ages 9-12
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Get your reluctant reader hooked on this hilarious, wildly popular series. It has been on the New York Times Top-Ten list for over 140 weeks! This is the only fully-described version available. See below for a page and sample description.

Author/illustrator Jeff Kinney recalls the growing pains of school life and introduces a new kind of hero, middle-schooler Greg Heffley, who epitomizes the challenges of being a kid.

In this laugh-out-loud novel, Greg tells his story in a series of short, episodic chapters. Most revolve around the adolescent male curse: the need to do incredibly dumb things because they seem to be a good idea at the time. Yet, unlike some other books about kids of this age, there's no sense of a slightly condescending adult writer behind the main character. Lots of fun throughout.
- Booklist review

For the braille edition, we've fully described each comics-style drawing in the book so blind readers will be able to read the books seamlessly. The pictures are important because there are age-appropriate jokes in them.

Sample Page and Description
Wimpy Kid sample page
    "At school today, they announced that student government elections are coming up. To be honest with you, I've never had any interest in student government. But when I started thinking about it, I realized getting elected Treasurer could TOTALLY change my situation at school."

    [Picture description] Greg is seated at a desk with a nameplate that reads "Treasurer." Two cheerleaders stand in front of him: "We cheerleaders are tired of riding to games in the same bus as the nerds in the band!" Greg: "Hmm... let me see what I can do..."

    [Next picture] Greg is standing in front of a new limo with a ribbon tied around it. Two cheerleaders look extremely pleased.
A note on available formats:
Paper braille version is contracted braille, no skip lines.
Electronic braille versions (on CD or Download) are available in 4 formats:
    Contracted braille (2 vols), no skip lines (marked with a "c" at the end)
    Contracted braille (2 vols) with skip lines (marked with "cs")
    Uncontracted braille (2 vols), no skip lines ("u")
    Uncontracted braille (2 vols) with skip lines ("us")
As many of the other writers have stated, my 8-year-old daughter hated to read, but this book has changed that. She heard about it from a school mate and was dying to read it. I bought her the first book and she didn't put it down. She finished it the first two days.
- L White, Indiana

An excellent choice for reluctant readers, but more experienced readers will also find much to enjoy and relate to in one seventh grader's view of the everyday trials and tribulations of middle school.
- School Library Journal

The book, likely written for kids at or above a fifth or sixth grade reading level, was better reading for a 37-year-old than I could have possibly imagined.
- N Karchmer, Maryland