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Picture of Valentines 2021 (Chimply the Best) 32 Count

Valentines 2021 (Chimply the Best) 32 Count


Format: Print/Braille

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Item: VAL21-32

Special note: Due to very slow delivery times via Free Matter this year, please order early, or consider opting for UPS delivery.

Don't monkey around! This delightful print/braille card is a perfect way to tell your friends how special they are.

This year's Valentine features a cute turtle telling his adorable chimp friend, "You're chimply the best!" On the back of the card is a "braille decoder" to help friends and family read the message in braille.

The print/braille Valentines are the perfect way to promote braille among family, friends, and classmates.

Back of the 2021 Valentine
Shows the text on the back of the 2020 Valentines

Small Packs: 20 print/braille Valentines plus envelopes: $12
Large Packs: 32 print/braille Valentines plus envelopes: $15

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