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Picture of Valentines 2020 (Dino-mite) 32 Count

Valentines 2020 (Dino-mite) 32 Count


Format: Print/Braille

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Item: VAL20-32

Special note: Due to very slow delivery times via Free Matter this year, please order early, or consider opting for UPS delivery.

This adorable print/braille Valentine dinosaur thinks very highly of you!

This year's Valentines features the words "You're Dino-mite!" and shows a cute dinosaur joyfully tossing purple-pink hearts into the air. On the back of the card is a "braille decoder" to help friends and family read the message in braille.

The print/braille Valentines are the perfect way to promote braille among family, friends, and classmates.

Dino-mite Valentine
The 2020 Valentine

Back of the 2020 Valentine
Shows the text on the back of the 2020 Valentines

Small Packs: 20 print/braille Valentines plus envelopes: $12
Large Packs: 32 print/braille Valentines plus envelopes: $15

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