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Super Short Stories in Uncontracted Braille

by Miscellaneous

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Stories for adults learning uncontracted UEB!
In one volume

Often, customers will call to ask us for books in uncontracted braille suitable for adults who are learning braille — in other words, do you have anything in uncontracted braille that's more interesting than a baby board book? Usually, we point these customers to our Braille Spelling Dictionary for Beginning Writers (which lists 1400 words in large print, contracted, and uncontracted braille) or to our books of quotations (which are contracted, but short and easier to get through) — not exactly what these customers were looking for. Until now!

These 10 super-short stories are definitely for adults only — they deal frankly with adult subjects, though the language is pretty clean. We've collected stories from SmokeLong Quarterly ( and Every Day Fiction (, two online platforms dedicated to publishing original "flash fiction," a genre of extremely short stories. Our hope is to provide material interesting enough for adults to want to read through to the end!