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Picture of Sugar Detox Made Easy

Sugar Detox Made Easy

by PreventionGuide

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In one volume

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Kick your sugar habit! The best thing you can do for your health — and weight — this year is to clean out hidden sugars from your diet, and this booklet shows you how! Even if you rarely eat cookies, candy, ice cream or other obviously sugary treats, you could be consuming much more sugar than you think, in foods you'd never even imagine: crackers, tomato sauce, canned soup. . . And that’s a problem: too much sugar can lead to health problems like heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, kidney failure, and, possibly, Alzheimer's disease. But you can change that! This book will show you the sneaky places that sugar can hide, and how to avoid eating too much of it. Along the way, you'll find delicious low-sugar recipes, food swap ideas, and other lifestyle tips to help you lose your sugar belly for good.

Table of Contents

The Sticky Side of Sugar
15 Painless Ways to Give Up Sweets
7 Benefits of Eating Less Sugar
Surprising Sugar-Laden Foods to Avoid
Sweet Success Stories
Low-Sugar Packaged Foods
Easy One-Pan Suppers
Guilt-Free Desserts
Do This, Lose Weight
Chocolate Chunk Cookies