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Picture of Play-Doh Braille Stampers

Play-Doh Braille Stampers

by ActiveAccessEdu


Format: Braille

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Note: Very limited supply!

A great multi-sensory way to learn braille, increase literacy skills, and add accessibility to playtime! Each of the 26 stamps have the raised braille letter on top for identification, with an indent at the top left to orient the letter. The bottom of the stamp has the inverted braille cell, so when you stamp Play-Doh, clay, or some slimes, the raised braille letter appears! You can make braille words; practice finding the stamper that matches the letter on the dough; label your creations; and more! Consonant and vowel stamps are in contrasting colors. Stamps measure about 2" (50.39mm) wide at the base and about 2.25" (55.43mm) tall. We've included a small amount of Play-Doh, so you get started right away! (Note that the size of the stamped braille is much larger than the standard braille size.)