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Picture of Hands On Science Activities: For Pre-school to Second Grade

Hands On Science Activities: For Pre-school to Second Grade

by Dr. Lillian A. Rankel and Marilyn D. Winograd


Format: Large Print/Braille

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Ages Pre-school to Grade 2.

Want to make Gummi Bears, slippery slime, yummy slushies, puffy paint, bird seed gardens, musical instruments, and more? Science teacher Dr. Lillian Rankel, and Marilyn Winograd, teacher of the blind, have written 34 step-by-step experiments for blind youngsters to do at home with family and friends.

Too often, students who cannot see are excluded from the excitement of hands-on scientific discovery. This book aims to dispel the myth that vision is required to safely conduct simple science experiments using ordinary household products. Don't wait for chemistry or biology class to explore the sciences - get some experience under your belt while you're still young! Each experiment has been successfully imploded — we mean explored — with real blind scientists! Safely uses household materials.

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