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Picture of School for the Blind and The Way Love Comes to Me

School for the Blind and The Way Love Comes to Me

by Daniel and David Simpson


Format: eBraille (download)

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Available in BRF only. Note: This book is in EBAE (older) braille code, not in UEB.

Poets and identical twins Daniel and David Simpson were born blind in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, in 1952. Each has recently released a book of poems that speaks openly and frankly about their adventures attending a school for the blind, poems that capture intimate and humorous experiences of love and life, honest poems that force us to remember what we fear and most desire.

Daniel's book, School for the Blind, "offers us a glimpse into the world of the blind with its attendant dangers, drop-offs, obstructions, cruelties, and abandonments. Yet, here is also a world where kindnesses abound, where gestures of love by strangers and friends, alike, help to anchor the body and reconcile it to its place on earth." (G. Djanikian)

David's poems in The Way Love Comes to Me are "lucid and many-layered, at once cold fathoms deep and warm as skin. With music at once sacred and sassy, the poet captivates, comforts, and makes us feel wiser." (M. Peacock)

These books are a gift, for you or for someone who appreciates "the way love comes."
    "Most people don't realize
    that I'm listening to them breathe,
    that I hear body language."
-Daniel Simpson

Adult, frank language.