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Picture of Super Funny Satire from "The Onion" (Uncontracted)

Super Funny Satire from "The Onion" (Uncontracted)

by Staff of The Onion

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An Amusing Way to Practice Braille Reading
Ages 13 and up.
Note: This edition is in uncontracted braille. Click here for the contracted edition.

"Supportive Parents Encourage Child's Interests In Anything Within 15-Minute Drive."
"Independent Film Made By Dependent 27-Year-Old."

If you have a reluctant braille reader, check out these 34 hilarious, age-appropriate, fake news stories collected from the online-only satire website "The Onion." We offer this book in either uncontracted and contracted versions, so that readers at any level of braille proficiency can practice their braille reading skills, while enjoying a few good laughs along the way. You can even buy both versions and work your way up to the contracted version. Either way, these stories are funny enough to motivate any reader to push through to the end. Ages 13 and up.