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Picture of Humpty Dumpty and Other Touching Rhymes

Humpty Dumpty and Other Touching Rhymes

by Shirley Keller & Irma Goldberg


Format: Large Print/Braille

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Updated to UEB in 2019!
Ages Preschool-9

Humpty never looked so good!

Sitting pretty on his wall, you can feel every layer of brick, his scrawny legs and arms, his egg-shaped head — he's been elevated to a tactile drawing along with a cow who jumped over the moon, a baa baa black sheep, a hickety pickety hen, and many other fanciful Mother Goose characters.

Each classic nursery rhyme appears in large print and braille on the left side of the page, facing the tactile illustration on the right. Plus, Humpty Dumpty comes equipped with a step-by-step descriptive tour of each illustration in a supplementary booklet tucked in a pocket in the front of the book.

This delightful collection of raised-line drawings illustrating classic Mother Goose rhymes was designed and illustrated by Shirley Keller and Irma Goldberg of Creative Adaptations for Learning Inc.