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Picture of Remote Meeting Platforms: Work and Play from Anywhere

Remote Meeting Platforms: Work and Play from Anywhere

by Kim Nova and Chris Nova

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In two slim volumes

If you've heard of remote meeting platforms but don't know how to use them with a screen reader, this book is your friendly guide. Learn the advantages of attending remote meetings, the necessary etiquette to follow, and specific protocols for screen reader users. You're guided through using six of the most popular remote meeting services, including Zoom Video Communications, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, and Slack. Other topics include hosting remote meetings, less conventional ways to use remote meeting software, and additional tools for meeting remotely without the use of a computer.

Table of Contents
Terms to Know
How Meetings Work
Not Just for Business

General Advantages of Remote Meetings
Convenience Is Key
Dress with Less Stress
Silence Is Golden
Your Perfect Platform
Real-Time Virtual Collaboration
The Weather Inside Is Delightful
We Hear You Loud and Clear
Get Ready for the Replay

Remote Meetings and Visual Impairment
Clickety Clackety Keys Be Gone
More Equal Access
Pros/Cons of Remote Meetings with Screen Readers

Getting Started
Common Meeting Tasks

Meeting Etiquette
Screen Reader Etiquette

An Overview of Zoom (from Zoom Video Communications, Inc.)
Exploring the Zoom Homepage
Getting to Know the Zoom Desktop Software
Installing the Zoom Desktop Client
Signing in to the Zoom Desktop Client
A Tour of the Zoom Desktop Client
Joining a Zoom Meeting
Inside a Zoom Meeting
The Zoom Mobile and Fire OS Apps
Zoom Settings
Notes for Hosts
Final Zoom Thoughts

An Overview of Microsoft Teams
Getting Started with Teams
Exploring the Teams Windows App
Joining a Meeting in Teams
Inside a Teams Meeting
The Teams Mobile Apps
Scheduling a Meeting via Teams
Final Teams Thoughts

An Overview of Google Meet
Getting Started with Meet
Joining a Meeting in Meet
Inside a Meet Meeting
The Meet Mobile Apps
A Note on Meeting Creation for Hosts

An Overview of GoToMeeting (from LogMeIn)
Using the GoToMeeting Web App
The GoToMeeting Mobile and Fire OS Apps
Configuring Meetings for Hosts
Final GoToMeeting Thoughts

An Overview of BlueJeans (from Verizon)
Exploring the BlueJeans Support Page
Getting to Know the BlueJeans Desktop App
Joining a BlueJeans Meeting
The BlueJeans Web Interface
Notes on Meeting Using the Desktop App
The BlueJeans Mobile Apps

An Overview of Slack (from Slack Technologies)
Using the Slack Web Interface
Installing the Slack Desktop App
Making a Slack Call
Using the Slack Mobile Apps

Free Options to Consider
Free Conference Call
Google Hangouts
Other Meeting Apps to Know About
My Company Uses Other Meeting Software? Now What?