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Picture of Reach for the Stars Graphic Overlays

Reach for the Stars Graphic Overlays

by SAS


Format: Tactile (Braille)

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These are the tactile overlays for the free ebook, Reach for the Stars. (Note: the Reach for the Stars ebook is only available through the Unites States iTunes store!)

Download the free e-book from SAS Curriculum Pathways.

Need help? Visit the Reach for the Stars FAQ.

Includes 12 tactile overlays for the iPad, 4 suction cups, and print/braille directions for attaching and using the overlays with the e-book.

Note: To use this book with tactile overlays, you must have a full-size iPad2, iPad3, iPad4, or iPad Air, running iOS7 and iBooks 3 or later.

It's time to blast off into a whole new learning experience with Reach for the Stars! Early learners will be able to explore astronomy like never before in this complimentary e-book. It's a perfect resource for exposing students to critical STEM content.

A galaxy of information awaits you. This e-book is packed with fascinating information to inspire students. They'll explore astronomy, the latest scientific advances, and the tools that make those advances possible. In addition, they discover how the universe began, how different kinds of stars are born, and how those stars change over the course of their lives. And they'll take a closer look at the Tarantula Nebula, the largest and most intense region of star formation in the Local Group of galaxies.

Special Features of Reach for the Stars
  • Voice-over screen reader on iPad compatibility
  • Refreshable Braille display compatibility
  • Sonification of data visualizations
  • Read-aloud functionality
  • Captioning

Watch the Teacher Accessibility Tutorial for this book.