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Picture of The Puzzlemaster Presents, Volume 2

The Puzzlemaster Presents, Volume 2

by Will Shortz


Format: eBraille (download)

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Item: PUZZ2

Available in BRF only. Note: This book is in EBAE (older) braille code, not in UEB.

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Here are two hundred more puzzles from Will Shortz, the Puzzlemaster from National Public Radio's Weekend Edition Sunday. This second collection of his ingenious on-air word puzzles and games puts Will's challenges right at your fingertips! Whether you tackle the puzzles alone, with a friend or in a group, these mind-benders will keep your mind sharp as a tack. This is as close to working a crossword puzzle as it gets.

Want a taste? Try these (the answers are below - don't peek!).

    For each of the words below, name a well-known American city that rhymes with it. Example: Flaxen (Mississippi). Answer: Jackson

  • 1. Scenics (Arizona)
  • 2. Shaken (Georgia)
  • 3. Poky (Illinois)
  • 4. Beano (Nevada)
  • 5. Stork (Pennsylvania)
  • 6. Diane (Wyoming)
  • 7.Bruno (Alaska)
  • 8. Feeling (West Virginia)
  • 9. Carry (Indiana)
  • 10. Prancing (Michigan)

Answers: 1. Phoenix. 2. Macon. 3. Skokie. 4. Reno. 5. York. 6. Cheyenne. 7. Juneau. 8. Wheeling. 9. Gary. 10. Lansing.