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A Midsummer Night's Dream (Play script)

by William Shakespeare, adapted by Claudia Haas

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Note: As part of our mission to promote equal access in education and community life, National Braille Press is pleased to make popular play scripts available in braille. These are the actual scripts that are used in school and community theater productions.

Script edition published by Playscripts, Inc.
Playscripts Item Number: 1384
60 - 70 minutes
6 f, 5 m, 11 either (22-42 actors possible: 6-37 f, 5-36 m)

THE STORY: A cleverly compressed version of Shakespeare's classic comedy, this adaptation preserves the original poetry while simplifying the language and adding practical stage directions. The story is framed by the Dreamer, a modern student frustrated in her attempts to memorize (and make sense of) a Midsummer monologue. As she begins to nod off, the Dreamer is visited by Puck, an impish fairy who sweeps the sleeping girl into the play itself — a world of mischief, magic, and love.