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Picture of Arsenic and Old Lace (Play script)

Arsenic and Old Lace (Play script)

by Joseph Kesserling

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Note: As part of our mission to promote equal access in education and community life, National Braille Press is pleased to make popular play scripts available in braille. These are the actual scripts that are used in school and community theater productions.

Script edition published by Dramatists Play Service
ISBN of print edition: 978-0-8222-0065-9
Full Length, Comedy
11 men, 3 women (of the 11 men, some are minor bit parts)
Total Cast: 14, Interior

THE STORY: We meet the charming and innocent ladies who populate their cellar with the remains of socially and religiously "acceptable" roomers; the antics of their nephew who thinks he is Teddy Roosevelt; and the activities of the other nephew — these require no further description or amplification here. ARSENIC AND OLD LACE is a must for all nonprofessionals, a ready-made comedy hit.