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Americas vol. 4: Central & South America (Atlas)

by The Princeton Braillists


Format: Tactile (Braille)

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**Note that these tactiles and descriptions are in English Braille: American Edition (EBAE), not in UEB.

1 vol., 51 pages.
Emphasis is on geography. Individual maps show boundaries, mountains, rivers and bodies of water, elevation, major cities only, climate, land use and resources. Each unit is self-contained and can be used alone.


Atlas of North and South America
Unit 3 Middle and South America

Volume IV

Division of Middle and South America
1: Boundaries and Bodies of Water

2: Overall Map Including Major Cities
3: Major Mountain Ranges
4. Elevation
5: Land Use
6: Resources and Fishing
7: Climates

Central America
8: Overall Map Including Capital Cities
9: Elevation
10: Land Use and Resources
11: Climates

Caribbean Islands
12: Overall Map Including Major Cities

South America
13: Overall Map Showing Boundaries
14: Capitals and Major Cities
15: Rivers, Lakes, Oceans
16: Mountain Ranges, Plateaus and Other Physical Features
17: Elevation
18: Land Use
19: Resources and Fishing
20: Climates

Middle and South America: Statistics
Largest, Tallest, Largest
Capitals, Area, and Population