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Americas vol. 1: Canada and U.S. (Atlas)

by The Princeton Braillists


Format: Tactile (Braille)

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**Note that these tactiles and descriptions are in English Braille: American Edition (EBAE), not in UEB.

1 vol., 59 pages
Emphasis is on geography. Contains general information about the U.S. and Canada, such as state and province boundaries, waterways, mountain ranges and other physical features, key cities, and capitals. Each unit is self-contained and can be used alone.


Atlas of North and South America, 4v
Unit 1 Northern North America

Volume I
Introductory Material
Words for Land and Water

Northern North America
1: Boundaries and Bodies of Water
2: Major Mountain Ranges
3: Elevation
4: Cities
5: Climates
United States and Canada: Longest, Tallest, Largest
United States and Canada: A Comparison

6: Overall Map Including Major Cities
7: Provinces and Territories
8: Rivers and Lakes
9: Major Regions
10: Land Use
11: Resources and Fishing

The United States
12: Overall Physical Features
13: Major Regions
14: Land Use
15: Resources and Fishing
16: Mountain Ranges, Plateaus and Physical Features
17. Elevations
18: Rivers, Lakes and Oceans
19: State Boundaries
20: State Capitals
21: Alaska
22: Hawaiian Islands