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Picture of Will Shortz's Mind Games: 100 Alphabet Riddles

Will Shortz's Mind Games: 100 Alphabet Riddles

by Will Shortz

Pricing from: $12.00 – $14.50

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In two volumes

NPR Puzzlemaster and New York Times puzzle editor Will Shortz has been challenging and entertaining puzzle fans for years. Now he starts a new series of word games and brainteaser books: Mind Games! The first volume, Alphabet Riddles, contains 100 of his popular initial puzzles where every answer is a familiar two-word phrase having the same pair of initials.

For example, using the initials S & B:

  • *What's kicked at the World Cup [SOCCER BALL]
  • *Portable advertising sign [SANDWICH BOARD]
  • *Shade of hair that's reddish yellow [STRAWBERRY BLOND]

For younger puzzlers learning the braille code: The Big Book of Braille Puzzles: 50 Searches, Anagrams, and Ladders to Help You Master Braille