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Picture of Mac Basics for the Beginning User

Mac Basics for the Beginning User

by Janet Ingber

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Janet Ingber has created this guide specifically for people learning how to use a Mac, regardless of the operating system. She covers the basics you need to know to get started with VoiceOver; to interact with your dock; to understand the structure of files and folders; and to work with the trackpad or Touch Bar. She also covers email, iCloud, Quick Nav, Safari, iTunes, TextEdit, and the App Store in order to give you a robust overview of your computer and its capabilities. Written in an easy-to-understand manner and filled with step-by-step commands, this book is essential reading for anyone new to the Mac.

Getting Started with VoiceOver
Turning on Your Mac
Turning on VoiceOver
The VoiceOver Tutorial
Learning the Keyboard
Adjusting VoiceOver's Speech Settings
The VoiceOver Utility
VoiceOver Help
Screen Layout
The Desktop
The Dock
Screen Commands
Additional Navigation Commands
Configuring Your Mac to Work Well with VoiceOver
Keyboard Changes
List View
Column View
Making VoiceOver Keep Your Place
Controlling Which Items Are on the Desktop
Making Web Pages Easier to Navigate
Shutting Down Your Computer
The Dock
Adding an Application to the Dock
Removing an Application from the Dock
Moving Items on the Dock
Emptying the Trash
Exploring the Screen
Adding an Email Account
Customizing the Email Program
Mailboxes and Messages
Creating a Mailbox
Moving Emails
Sending Email
Responding to Messages
The Structure of Files and Folders
The Home Folder
Folder Structure
Creating New Folders
Creating a Subfolder
Transferring and Moving Files
Transfer with the Migration Assistant
Transfer with a Flash Drive or Similar Device
Putting Files in Selected Folders
Moving Files
Finder Commands
Saving Files
Spotlight Search
Choosing What Is Stored in iCloud
iCloud Drive
Quick Nav
Launching Quick Nav
Navigating with Quick Nav
Reading Text
Using Quick Nav on the Web
Custom Commands
Creating a Command with the Keyboard
Creating a Command with Quick Nav
Deleting a Command with Quick Nav
Working with the Trackpad
Basic Gestures
Creating Gestures
Creating Gestures with Keyboard Commands
Creating Gestures with the Trackpad
Deleting a Command
The Rotor
Launching Safari
Web Page Elements
Commands for Navigating Webpages
Web Rotor
Customizing the Web Rotor
Navigating with Quick Nav and the Trackpad Commander
The Favorites Bar
Adding a Bookmark
Deleting a Bookmark
The iTunes Layout
Playback Controls
Adjusting Volume
The LCD Section
Searching for Music
The Library
The Library Sidebar
Apple Music Basics
iTunes Radio
Creating a Playlist
The iTunes Store
Word Processing with TextEdit
Launching TextEdit
The Ruler
Entering Text
The Insertion Point
Reading Text
Navigating with the Trackpad
Navigating with Quick Nav
Navigation Using VO Keys
Selecting and Manipulating Text
Checking Spelling and Grammar
Auto Spelling Suggestions
Spelling and Grammar Check
Opening a Document
Saving a Document
Apps and the App Store
App Store Preferences
The Mac App Store
Purchasing an App from the App Store
Purchasing an App from a Website
Password Protecting Your Mac
About the Author
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Mac Reference Card
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