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Picture of Louis Braille Classroom Set

Louis Braille Classroom Set

by Jen Bryant, and National Braille Press


Format: Large Print/Braille

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Kids love the braille code, and love learning about the man who invented it! Bring braille into your classroom with this fun and informative set of materials.

This set includes:

  • Six Dots: A Story of Young Louis Braille
  • Louis Braille: A Touch of Genius (print edition)
  • 35 Braille Alphabet Cards
  • Unified English Braille Symbols Chart
  • Louis Braille Poster
  • Six Dots: A Story of Young Louis Braille, by Jen Bryant. A picture book biography of Louis Braille. Ages 4 - 8.

    Louis Braille: A Touch of Genius, by C. Michael Mellor. The first ever full-color biography to include 31 never-before-translated letters, some written by Braille's own hand. (Print edition.) Ages 10 and up, but appropriate for younger readers.

    Braille Alphabet Cards, created by NBP. A packet of 35 print/braille (embossed) braille alphabet cards without contractions.

    Unified English Braille Symbols Chart, created by NBP. This 11" x 17" poster shows the Unified English Braille Symbols for letters, numbers, punctuation, and 189 contractions.

    Louis Braille Poster, created by NBP. Perfect for any classroom, this 12.25" x 17" poster celebrates the life and achievements of Louis Braille.