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Picture of What's New in iOS 15: A Guide for Blind Users

What's New in iOS 15: A Guide for Blind Users

by Anna Dresner

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Item: IOS15-NEW
In 2 slim volumes

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Anna Dresner starts by helping you get your iDevice updated with the new iOS 15 operating system, and then walks you through what's new, starting with changes to VoiceOver and other key accessibility changes. Coverage includes: Configuring focus and notifications; finding information on your phone; new audio features; privacy and online services; iPad changes; new Home screen options; new features in the FaceTime, Messages, Health, Wallet, Safari, Weather, and Find My apps; and much more.

Table of Contents
A Note About Versions
Conventions in this Book

Chapter 1: Getting Ready to Roll
Updating from a Previous Operating System
Setting Up a New Device

Chapter 2: VoiceOver
Exploring Photos
VoiceOver Quick Settings
Navigation Style
Gesture Direction
Settings Changes
Verbosity Changes
New Sounds and Haptics
New Commands
New Rotor Item
Braille Display Changes
Pair Your Display from Bluetooth Settings
Connecting a Braille Display via USB

Chapter 3: Other Accessibility Changes
Voice Control Adds New Languages
Magnifier Is Easier to Find
Per-App Settings
Background Sounds
Creating a Standard Shortcut to Toggle Background Sounds
Control Switches with Sounds
More Audiogram Choices for Headphone Accommodations
New Sound Recognition Sounds
New Options for Accessibility Shortcut

Chapter 4: Focus and Notifications
Configuring a Focus
Toggling a Focus Manually
Additional Options for Particular Types of Focus
Downtime as a Focus Alternative
Notification Summary
Additional Notifications Settings
Notifications Action Menus
Screen Sharing
Siri and Time-Sensitive Notifications

Chapter 5: FaceTime
Meeting Links
Spatial Audio
Mic Options and Mute Alert
Viewing Options

Chapter 6: Messages
Sharing Part of a Song
Pinning Something That Was Shared with You
Controlling Shared with You
New Memoji Options
Managing Message Spam
Coping with Busy Message Threads

Chapter 7: Finding Information
Live Text
Additional Photos Features

Chapter 8: Maps
Driving Map
Changes to Controls When on a Route
Control the Level of Guidance
More Detailed Transit and Walking Directions
New Search Options
Filtering a Search
Changing Departure and Arrival Times
New Options for Places You Search For
Interactive Globe

Chapter 9: Health
New Cycle Tracking Information
Walking Steadiness
Trend Notifications
Connecting Health to Medical Records
Health Sharing
Sleep Tracking

Chapter 10: New Audio Features
Change Bluetooth Behavior by Changing the Device Type
New Voice Memos Settings
Dolby Atmos
Lossless Audio
Spatial Audio

Chapter 11: Safari
New Layout for Safari Controls
New Start Page
Tab Groups
Using HTTPS when Possible

Chapter 12: Privacy and Online Services
iCloud+ Features
iCloud Private Relay
Hide My Email
HomeKit Secure Video
Sending iCloud Email to Your Own Domain
iCloud Account Recovery
Passing On Your Data
Mail Privacy Protection
Authenticator for Two-Factor Authentication
Siri Changes

Chapter 13: iPad Changes
App Library
Decluttering Home Screens
Removing Folders
Changing Where New Apps Go
Adding a Widget
Deleting a Widget
Editing a Widget
Stacking Widgets
Navigating a Stack
Editing a Stack
Quick Notes
Enhancing Communication Between People of Different Hearing Abilities
Redesigned Commands Lists
Universal Control
Swift Playgrounds Is More Useful

Chapter 14: Miscellaneous Changes
New Home Screen Options
Putting the Same App on Multiple Home Screens
Reordering Home Screens
Deleting Home Screens
New Find My Features
Weather App Improvements
New Wallet Features
Tags and Smart Lists in Reminders
Notes Changes
Text Replacement Works with Braille Screen Input
Refunding In-App Purchases
New Game and Event Options
Easier Switching to a New Device