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Picture of What's New in iOS 13: A Guide for Blind Users

What's New in iOS 13: A Guide for Blind Users

by Anna Dresner

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Item: IOS13-NEW
In 2 volumes

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Anna Dresner takes you through what's new in the iOS 13 operating system. Coverage includes: Updating from a previous operating system; setting up a new device; VoiceOver improvements and additions; new controls, commands, and privacy features; Apple Card; updates to Files, Safari, Mail, Messages, Contacts, Reminders, Notes, Health and Activity, Screen Time, Photos and Videos, Maps, Find My, the App Store, and more.

Table of Contents
A Note About Versions
Conventions in This Book

Chapter 1: Getting Ready to Roll
Updating from a Previous Operating System
Setting Up a New Device

Chapter 2: VoiceOver Improvements
New Location for Accessibility Settings
New Siri Voice
Detect Languages Setting
Customizing Punctuation
Adding a Punctuation Group
More Verbosity Settings
Speak Detected Text and Images
New Emoji Option
New Braille Options
Multilingual Braille
Key Debounce Duration
Sounds and Haptics
Commands: How to Customize Practically Everything
Help! My Commands Are Messed Up!
The All Commands Screen
Other Options on the Commands Screen
New VoiceOver Commands
New Editing Commands
Describe Item
Watch Item
New Typing Setting
Caption Panel
Data Comprehension: Describing Graphs
Checking Misspelled Words
New Types of Controls
Context Menus
Scroll Bars
Dictate Button
Help Taking Photos

Chapter 3: Additional Accessibility Features
Voice Control
Visual Settings
Dark Mode
New Zoom Commands
Visual Settings Reorganized
New Motion Options
Speech Button Renamed
Media Section Reorganized Out of Existence
Physical & Motor
Touch Section
Face ID & Attention Adds a Haptic
Switch Control Changes
Use Passcode for Payments
Apple TV Remote
New Keyboards Option
Hearing Devices
Audio/Visual Screen

Chapter 4: Slide to Type Keyboard
Slide to Type on the iPad

Chapter 5: Shortcuts
Only One Type of Shortcut
Adding a Shortcut from the Gallery
Creating a Shortcut

Chapter 6: Files
Local Storage
Files Works with External Hard Drives
Files Works with SMB Servers
Obtaining the IP Address and Configuring Sharing Options on a Mac
Obtaining the IP Address and Configuring Sharing Options in Windows
Connecting to a Server
Ejecting a Server
New Commands for Sorting and Viewing Files
Sorting by Kind
Quick Look
Scanning a File
Keyboard Commands for Files

Chapter 7: Safari
More Control of Website Behavior
New Start Page
Format Options
Website-Specific Settings
Making Global Changes to Website Settings
More Control of Downloads
Keyboard Shortcuts

Chapter 8: Privacy Features
Sign In with Apple
Share Your Location Once
Control Access to Bluetooth
Decide Which Information to Share About Your Photos
HomeKit Security
Keep Spammers from Calling
Stop Random Shortcuts

Chapter 9: Mail
Blocking Senders
New Options on the Reply Screen
Muting Messages and Threads
More Options When Composing Messages

Chapter 10: Messages
Introducing Yourself
Creating a Memoji
Additional Changes to Messages
Choosing a Contact Simplified
Search Simplified
Finding Attachments Simplified
Filter Unknown Senders

Chapter 11: Contacts
New Relationships
Adding Someone to Emergency Contacts

Chapter 12: Reminders
Creating Reminders and Lists
Organizing Reminders and Lists

Chapter 13: Notes
OCR Is Here
More Flexible File and Sharing Options
New Sharing Options
Different Ways to View Your Notes
New Options for Checklists

Chapter 14: Health and Activity
Health Profile
Summary Tab
Medical ID
Monitoring Noise and Protecting Your Hearing
Setting Up Health Options
Cycle Tracking

Chapter 15: Screen Time
One More Minute
Syncing Across Devices Is Optional

Chapter 16: New Audio Features
Lots of Radio
Repeat and Shuffle Options Moved
Sharing Audio Between AirPods and Powerbeats Headphones
Dealing with Messages While Listening
Live Lyrics
New Sharing Options for Music
Audio Between iPhone and Other Devices
Audiobooks on Apple Watch
Handoff with HomePod

Chapter 17: Photos and Videos
Time Slider on Photos Tab
Thanks for the Memories
Editing Options
Video Editing
Controls for Editing Photos and Videos

Chapter 18: Maps
More Detailed Maps
Mark Your Current Location
Suggested Favorites
Flight Status Information
Estimated ETA
Conversational Navigation Directions

Chapter 19: Find My
Finding Friends
Find a Device
The Me Tab
Finding Offline Devices

Chapter 20: App Store
Updating Your Apps
Options for Deleting Apps
Downloading Large Apps Over the Cellular Network

Chapter 21: Performance Improvements
Battery Optimization
Accessing Network Settings Through Control Center
Network Optimization
Hotspot Improvements
Hotspot in Control Center
Slower Disconnect
Auto-Join Hotspot
Works with Family Sharing
New Share Sheet Options
Smaller, Faster Apps and Updates
Faster Face ID
Improved CarPlay

Chapter 22: iPadOS
Home Screen Layout Options
Opening Apps in Split View or Slide Over
Characteristics of Split View and Slide Over
Opening and Switching Between Multiple Apps in Slide Over
Seeing All Instances of an App
Putting Two Instances of the Same App on the Screen at Once
Braille Screen Input Gesture
Apple Pencil Options
Desktop View of Web Pages
Column View

Chapter 23: Apple Card
Applying for a Card
Activating Your Card
Using Your Apple Card
Tracking Your Spending
Paying the Bill
Final Thoughts