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Picture of Holiday Cards (Most Wonderful Time) 2022

Holiday Cards (Most Wonderful Time) 2022

by National Braille Press


Format: Print/Braille

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10 Print/braille holiday cards with envelopes

Our 2022 holiday cards feature an illustration of four light brown or slate grey houses with snow on the roofs and smoke wafting out of their chimneys, surrounding a Christmas tree with lights and a star on top. The starry night sky is dark blue. The houses have candles or interior light illuminating some windows. Under the illustration is the message, "It's the most wonderful time of the year" in braille and golden print. The message inside says, "May you be surrounded by those you love!" in braille and red print. We've left room for you to add your own print or braille message and signature under the interior message.

Sending cards where print and braille stand side by side, as equals, conveys a powerful message. Don't miss out on the occasion — spread some cheer this season and wish special colleagues and friends a very happy new year.

The 2022 Holiday Card