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Picture of Holiday Cards (Sleigh the Season) 2019

Holiday Cards (Sleigh the Season) 2019

by National Braille Press


Format: Print/Braille

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This year's unique print/braille holiday cards have a fun and fierce message for family and friends! The front has the words "Sleigh the Season" in black print and braille, below a cute baby dragon wearing a Santa hat and brandishing a toy wooden sword, flying down a snowy hill in a toboggan. Inside reads: "May your adventures in the New Year bring joy and prosperity" in green print and braille. Forget about traditional Hallmark cards. Send a card that shows you to be a lover of braille and a person of impeccable taste!

Sending cards where print and braille stand side by side, as equals, conveys a powerful message. Don't miss out on the occasion — spread some cheer this season and wish special colleagues and friends a very happy new year.

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