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Picture of Grumpy Monkey

Grumpy Monkey

by Suzanne Lang and Max Lang


Format: Print/Braille

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In contracted braille (UEB)
Ages 3 to 8

FEATURED BOOK! Grumpy Monkey is the eighth book in our Great Expectations series! Jim Panzee's grumpy mood inspired us to create loads of free activities, especially made for blind kids! We've collected ideas for dealing with a bad mood, tips from a blind school counselor, animal games and jokes, and and much more!

A hilarious picture book about dealing with unexplained feelings!

Jim Panzee — the chimpanzee — is in a terrible mood for no good reason. His friends can't understand it: How can he be in a bad mood when it's such a beautiful day? They encourage him to smile, to stand up straight, and to do things that make them happy. But Jim can't take all the advice, and has a bit of a meltdown. Could it be that he just needs a day to feel grumpy?

Suzanne and Max Lang bring hilarity and levity to the very important lesson that kids are allowed to feel their feelings (though they should be careful of hurting others in the process!).

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