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Picture of Getting Ready for College Begins in Third Grade

Getting Ready for College Begins in Third Grade

by Carol Castellano

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Working Toward an Independent Future for Your Blind/Visually Impaired Child
Available in Print only.

A volume in Critical Concerns in Blindness Series.

All parents hope for an independent future for their blind/visually impaired child. To turn that hope into a reality, Getting Ready for College Begins in Third Grade offers an approach to the development and education of blind and visually impaired children based on the concept of equal expectations and the right to equal opportunity.

With chapters on high expectations, academics, independent living skills, independent movement and travel, social interaction and social skills, daily living, and self-advocacy, author Carol Castellano encourages parents to look to the future without fear, and equips them with the information they need to prepare their child for an independent life.

Getting Ready for College Begins in Third Grade will inspire parents and teachers with the confidence and enthusiasm for the task at hand.

Table of Contents

1. High Expectations
2. Academics
  • Getting on Track from the Get-Go
  • Staying on Track
  • Why Does the Education of the Blind/VI Student Go Off Track?
  • What to do if Things Have Gone Off Track
  • On Track for the Future
3. Independent Living Skills
  • The Tricks
  • Time Awareness and Time Management
  • Self-Care
  • Organization Skills
  • Chores
  • Going to the Store
  • Plugging In
  • On the Road to Independence
4. Independent Movement and Travel
  • Expectations
  • What We Are Aiming For
  • Movement is Key
  • Developing Spatial Awareness
  • Developing the Store of Knowledge: Going Places
  • Guided Discovery
  • Environmental Information
  • O&M Concepts
  • Does My Child Need a Cane?
  • Considerations for School
  • Recommended Books
  • Your Independent Traveler
5. Social Awareness and Social Skills
  • The Development of Social Skills
  • Broaden Your Child’s Experience
  • Learning to Play
  • Developing Personality
  • Conversation and Social Interaction Skills
  • Relaxed Postures and Positions
  • Appearance
  • Manners and Eating Skills
  • Handling Life Situations
  • Teaching Others
  • Looking Down the Road
6. Developing Self-Advocacy Skills: The Pursuit of a Normal Life
  • Positive Attitude and Positive Language
  • Developing Competence
  • Developing Confidence
  • Handing Over the Reins
7. Appendix: Resources for Families