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Picture of Getting Started with Google Suite

Getting Started with Google Suite

by Lisa Salinger, Kim Loftis, and Chris Grabowski

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In one volume

NOTE: See errata message below.

A Brief Overview of Google's Most Popular Productivity Apps

Take your productivity to the next level with some of the most popular Google apps for the home and office. In this 1 volume overview, the team at Mystic Access guides you through downloading, installing, navigating, and using Gmail, Chrome, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts, and Calendar on a PC, with helpful notes about Mac and mobile devices as well. Helpful appendices summarize the key commands and websites mentioned throughout the book.

ERRATA: Please note corrected text for Chapter 4, Accessing and Manipulating Files in Backup and Sync: "The best part is that you can use standard Windows commands: Control plus C to copy, Control plus V to paste, and so on."

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started
A Note About Keyboard Commands
A Note to Non-Windows Users
Changing Windows Hotkeys to Avoid Conflicts
Toggling Virtual Cursor or Browse Mode On and Off
Screen Reader/Browser Combos for Best Compatibility in Windows
General Notes About the Google Suite

Chapter 2: Gmail
Creating a Gmail Account
Accessing Your Mail via an Email Program
Accessing Your Mail via

Chapter 3: Google Chrome
Downloading and Installing Chrome
Menus and Chrome
Accessing the Chrome Tool Bar
Navigation Commands in Chrome
Signing in to Google Chrome
Managing Extensions in Chrome
Getting ChromeVox
Using Chrome and ChromeVox in Windows
Navigation Commands in ChromeVox
Getting Extra Help with ChromeVox Commands
Filling Out Forms with ChromeVox
Using Google Chrome and ChromeVox on the Mac
Using Google Chrome on Mobile Devices

Chapter 4: Google Drive
Obtaining and Installing Backup and Sync
Accessing and Manipulating Files in Backup and Sync
The Web Interface
Three Important Considerations
Navigating Google Drive on the Web
Creating and Managing Files and Folders
The Actions Menu
Using Google Drive on the Mac
Using Google Drive on Mobile Devices

Chapter 5: Google Docs
Creating a Document
Uploading a Document
Opening a Document
Standard Word Processing Commands
Exploring the Menus
Correcting Misspelled Words
Finding and Replacing Text
Inserting a Table
Downloading in Other Formats
Adding a Comment
Deleting and Restoring Files or Folders
Using Google Docs on the Mac
Using Google Docs on Mobile Devices

Chapter 6: Google Sheets
Creating a Spreadsheet
Uploading an Excel Spreadsheet
Accessing and Reading a Spreadsheet
Modifying the Contents of a Cell
Exiting Sheets and Renaming the Document
Doing More with Sheets
Using Google Sheets on the Mac
Using Google Sheets on Mobile Devices

Chapter 7: Google Slides
Creating a Presentation
Uploading a PowerPoint Presentation
Exploring a Presentation
Two Particularly Helpful Submenus
Closing Slides
Using Google Slides on the Mac
Using Google Slides on Mobile Devices

Chapter 8: Google Hangouts
Working with Contacts

Chapter 9: Google Calendar
Using Google Calendar on the PC
Using Google Calendar on the Mac
Using Google Calendar on Mobile Devices

Appendix A: Key Commands Mentioned in This Book
Google Chrome

Appendix B: Websites Mentioned in This Book

Appendix C: Getting More Help From Google