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Picture of American Flag

American Flag

by Kansas Braille Transcription Institute


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Item: FLAG

On Thermoform paper in EBAE (not UEB)
Select either Contracted or Uncontracted braille

Does your child or student know what the American flag looks like? Have they read the Pledge of Allegiance?

These brilliant, red, white, and blue flags from KBTI feature tactile stars and stripes. The tactile horizontal red stripes are labeled with the lower case "r" at the far right, and the white stripes are labeled with the lower case "w."

The Pledge of Allegiance is displayed in large print over the red and white stripes, in alternating black and white lettering, and is also written in braille over the red stripes. Immediately beneath the flag is a key in braille. Flags measure 7.5" x 9.5".

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