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Picture of Drop into Dropbox: It's So Much More than File Storage

Drop into Dropbox: It's So Much More than File Storage

by Judith Dixon

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Technology writer Judy Dixon takes you on a tour of Dropbox, the popular, cloud-based file syncing and storage system used in homes and workplaces around the world. Learn how to harness this powerful tool to back up your files securely; work collaboratively on shared files; and work on-the-go and seamlessly across all of your devices. Coverage includes choosing the right plan; creating an account and installing Dropbox; using Dropbox online or on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device; sharing files with and requesting files from friends or colleagues; security and notification settings; and getting help.

Some Ways to Use Dropbox
About this Book
Chapter 1: Dropbox Basics
What Is Dropbox?
How It Works
What Is the Cloud and Where Is It?
Chapter 2: Getting Started with Dropbox
Choosing the Right Plan
Creating an Account
Installing Dropbox on a Desktop or Laptop Computer
Installing Dropbox on Mobile Devices
Getting More Free Space for Your Dropbox Account
Chapter 3: Using Dropbox
Using Dropbox on a Desktop or Laptop Computer
Recovering Deleted Files
Restoring a Previous Version of a File
Using Dropbox on Mobile Devices
Dropbox Integration with Mobile Apps
Using Dropbox Online
Sharing Files and Folders with Other Dropbox Users
Sharing Files with People Who Do Not Use Dropbox
Requesting Files from People Who Are Not Dropbox Users
Some Advanced Features
Dropbox Paper
Camera Upload
Dropbox Showcase
Smart Sync
Chapter 4: Dropbox Security and Notifications
Security Settings
Two Step Verification
Notification Settings
Chapter 5: Getting Help