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What's Going on Down There: Answers to Questions Boys Find Hard to Ask

by Karen Gravelle, Nick Castro, Chava Castro


Format: eBraille (download)

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For boys, ages 10 to 14.
Braille book includes four tactile graphics

Right after we transcribed a popular book for girls several years ago called The Period Book, we started looking for an equivalent book for boys that speaks specifically to their private concerns.

We've found it. Written by the same co-authors, What's Going on Down There? reassures boys that there are a lot of different ways to describe normal when discussing puberty, and that each person experiences changes on his own timetable. Facts about puberty, sex, and sexually transmitted diseases - even what happens to girls during puberty - are presented clearly and completely. Because it's written specifically for boys, the information considers all the worries, fears, and questions that boys might find difficult to ask.

Wrote one parent,

    "My son was 10 when he read this book and I must say I couldn't have bought it at a more perfect time. This book explains the changes his body is going through and will go through in a few years. When I asked him if he understood what he was reading, he told me that he already knew or was feeling some of what the book outlined - He just didn't understand "WHY." I am a single mother and there is no way I could have ever answered his questions without this book. This book has made me and my son's life a little less complicated. Thank you Karen Gravelle - we really needed this book."

The book balances information about being a sexual person with that of being a responsible person. The chapter "Girls Are Changing Too" offers detailed information not typically presented in books for males. Other standout chapters include "Is This Normal?" and "What If?" - both in question-and-answer format. And in "If I'd Known Then What I Know Now!," several adult men offer insights and different perspectives on puberty.

This is an outstanding and informative book for boys who want to know what's going on with their bodies.

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