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Picture of Dinner Delivered

Dinner Delivered

by Kim Loftis and Chris Grabowski

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Accessible and Easy Ways to Receive Meals Direct to Your Door
In two volumes

You've heard the names before: GrubHub, Postmates, Amazon Fresh, Uber Eats. Whatever you're craving — your favorite meal at a local restaurant, a new dessert, some almond butter or chai tea mdash; there's a delivery service that can bring that item or meal to your door! The best part? You're in control, need no sighted assistance, and no travel is involved. Having tried each of the eleven food or meal delivery services included in the book, Kim and Chris guide you through the ins and outs, the good and the bad, of these services, as well as provide tips for browsing, navigating the website and app versions, where applicable, and much more!

Listen to the authors discuss their book in this podcast from Mystic Access.

Table of Contents
Food Direct to Your Door
Why We Wrote this Book
Before You Begin
A Location Caveat
A Note on Site and App Accessibility
Setting Up Basic Account Info
One Last Note
Part 1: Groceries Your Way - on Your Time
Filling Your Cart with Instacart
Creating Your Account
Touring Instacart
Viewing a Product Page
Tips for Browsing
Adding an Item to Your Cart
The Checkout Experience
You've Checked Out, Now What?
It's Here! Receiving Your Order!
Rating Your Delivery Experience
Using the Instacart App
Final Instacart Thoughts
Shopping Independently with Shipt
Creating a Shipt Account
Signing Up for a Shipt Membership
A Tour of Shipt
Tips for Finding What You Want
Viewing Product Details
The Shipt Checkout Process
Youve Checked Out, Now What?
Order Arrival and Rating Your Delivery
Using the Shipt Apps
Acquiring Amazing Food with Amazon Fresh and Amazon Prime Now
Touring Amazon Prime Now
Viewing Product Details
A Note on Adding to Your Cart
Finding What You Want
The Shopping Cart
The Prime Now Checkout Experience
The Prime Now Delivery Experience
Using the Prime Now Apps
Part 2: Dinner and Other Meals. . . Delivered
Delicious Delights Delivered from DoorDash
Creating an Account
Touring the DoorDash iOS App
Conducting a Search
Ordering from a Restaurant in DoorDash
The DoorDash Checkout Experience
DoorDash Delivery and Rating Your Order
Gastronomic Goodness from Grubhub
Creating a Grubhub Account
Touring the Grubhub Site
Conducting a Search
Customizing and Placing an Order
The Grubhub Checkout Experience
Receiving and Rating Your Order
The Grubhub Apps and the Alexa Skill
Perfectly Pleasing Meals from Postmates
Creating a Postmates Account
A Tour of the Postmates App
Conducting a Search
Using Filters to Find Food
Finding and Ordering Something Tasty
The Postmates Checkout Process
Receiving Your Order
Unbeatable Food from Uber Eats
Creating Your Account
Touring the Uber Eats iOS App
Ordering Something Scrumptious
Placing Your Order
Receiving and Rating Your Order
Final Uber Eats Thoughts
Part 3: Mouthwatering Meals and Snacks by Mail
Finding Healthy Alternatives with Thrive Market
Creating an Account
A Tour of the Thrive Market iOS App
Shopping on Thrive Market
Viewing Deals
Conducting a Search
Shopping Previous Orders
The Checkout Experience and Receiving Your Order
A Tip for Thrive Website Users
Going Nuts for Food on
Creating a Account
An Overview of
Viewing Product Details
More Ways to Find Products You're Nuts About
Viewing Your Cart
Placing and Receiving Your Order
Dessert Sites for Living the Sweet Life
Concluding Thoughts