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31 Cool Things You Can Do with Your iPhone

by Judy Dixon

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From Fun, to Practical, to Entertaining
In one volume

Like many people, Judy Dixon believes that the iPhone is a magical device — she can't believe the profound effect the little slab of glass has had on the ways she does things. In this book, Judy explores apps that are practical, and many that are just plain fun! She covers a wide variety of activities, from tuning a guitar to counting your steps, depositing checks to measuring an angle, from writing in braille on your iPhone to finding a screw you dropped in the grass! These apps are selected for their accessibility and ease of use.

Table of Contents
Getting an App from the App Store
About this Book
For Your Entertainment
1. Listen to Any Radio Station from the BBC
2. Request to Have Any YouTube Video Described
3. Identify the Song You Are Hearing
User Tip: Summoning Siri
Around the House
4. Level a Picture
5. Find a Screw Dropped in the Grass
User Tip: The App Switcher
6. Identify the Type of Bird Singing in Your Backyard
7. Measure an Angle
8. Convert a Unit of Measure
User Tip: Scrolling Through Long Lists
9. Find Out What Time It Is Anywhere in the World
User Tip: How to Manage Widgets in the Today View
In Your Home Office
10. Deposit a Check into Your Bank
11. Print an Envelope from Your iPhone
12. Improve Your Typing Skills
13. Call Any Phone in the World
Try Something New
14. Learn Interesting Stuff
15. Write in Braille on Your iPhone with Braille Screen Input
User Tip: Four Ways to Rotor
16. Learn to Yodel
User Tip: Labeling Elements
Get Musical
17. Find the Lyrics for Almost Any Song
18. Learn to Sing
19. Play the Piano and Record What You Played
20. Tune a Musical Instrument
For Your Health
21. Get Some Exercise
22. Count Your Steps
23. Meditate
24. Fall Asleep Faster
Out and About
25. Translate Spoken Text
26. Take an Instant Video
27. Make an Instant Recording
User Tip: Make a Siri Shortcut
28. Follow a Path in a Park or Through the Woods
29. Read the Text of the Brochure Before Visiting a National Park
30. Read the Arrivals/Departures Board for Any Airport
31. Identify What Planes Are Flying Overhead
User Tip: Navigating Tabular Information