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Picture of Computer Basics for the Newly Blind User: An Introduction to Windows-Related Assistive Technology

Computer Basics for the Newly Blind User: An Introduction to Windows-Related Assistive Technology

by Kim Nova and Chris Nova

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Note: This item is due in July 2022, but you can pre-order it now.

In 1 volume

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Whether your vision declined slowly or occurred dramatically and rapidly, you likely feel at least somewhat overwhelmed and wonder how you will stay connected to loved ones and the world at large. This book will help you develop the technology skills you need to navigate this new chapter of your life. Coverage includes: How your current life skills support future success; how to choose a computer, keyboard, and screen reader; typing; using touchscreens; magnification; installing and using programs and apps; using word processors, email, and surfing the web; email safety, antivirus programs, virtual private networks, password managers; and more.


Introduction: A Heavy Darkness

Chapter One: Where to Begin
Your Current Life Skills Support Your Success
Can I Really Be Proficient Without Sight?
Do I Need a Specialized Computer?
Should My Computer Be New?
Help! I Have Absolutely No Computer Skills!
Conquering the Keyboard
Great, But Can I Learn to Type?
Your Computer Can Talk to You
Do I Need a Screen Reader?
Which Screen Reader Is Right for Me?
Triumph with Touch Screens
Living Large with Magnification
Dolphin GuideConnect, an All-in-One Solution

Chapter Two: First Steps
Installing Programs
You’ve Got the Power… or Not
Locating and Moving Among Apps on Your Computer
Basic Screen Reader Configuration

Chapter Three: Staying Connected
Writing from the Heart with Word Processors
Using Email
Browsing the Web
Fun Computer Tasks

Chapter Four: Staying Secure
Email Safety
Antivirus Programs
Virtual Private Networks
Password Managers

Chapter Five: Mindset Matters