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Picture of An Introduction to Chromebooks: Big Productivity in a Small Package

An Introduction to Chromebooks: Big Productivity in a Small Package

by Kim Nova and Chris Nova

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Item: CHROME-2022
In one volume

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If you crave ease and simplicity when using a computer, welcome to the world of Chromebooks! These portable, compact devices are perfect for web browsing, conducting Internet research, writing and submitting assignments for work or school, and much more. They're lightweight, efficient computers which you can easily take from room to room or when traveling across the world. Best of all, they're accessible straight out of the box for those requiring screen reader and braille display support. This book by Kim and Chris Nova covers: Chromebook basics and advantages; physical layout and considerations prior to purchase; setup and configuration; the ChromeVox screen reader; the Chrome browser and extensions; the Play Store and Google apps Drive, Docs, and Calendar; braille displays and peripherals; Google Assistant; and more.


Chapter 1: Chromebook Basics
Touchscreens: A Touching Experience
A Minimalist Interface
Different Flavors of Chrome OS Hardware
Affordable and Fast
Web Surfing Securely
Portability and Ease of Use
Can I Use My Favorite Programs?

Chapter 2: Chromebook Advantages

Chapter 3: The Chromebook Learning Curve

Chapter 4: Diving In
Before You Buy
Chromebook's Physical Layout
Getting Started

Chapter 5: Initial Setup and the ChromeVox Tutorial
The ChromeVox Quick Orientation Tutorial

Chapter 6: Continuing the Setup Process

Chapter 7: Getting Productive and Having Fun in the Chrome Browser
Meet Omnibox, Your Address Bar
Navigating Websites
Conducting a Web Search
Working with Browser Tabs and Windows
Finding Text on a Web Page
Downloading Files
Filling Out Webforms
Exploring the Chrome Menu
Delving into Extensions
Returning to the Chrome Menu and Exploring Chrome Settings

Chapter 8: Productivity Apps
Google Drive
Google Docs
Google Calendar
Managing Local Files

Chapter 9: Exploring the Play Store and Downloading Apps

Chapter 10: Connecting Braille Displays and Other Peripherals

Chapter 11: Configuring the Chromebook and Further Information
The Chromebook Launcher, Notification Center, and Status Tray
ChromeVox Options
ChromeOS Accessibility Settings
Chromebook Settings
Working with Google Assistant
Additional Shortcuts