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Picture of CanDo Braille Labels: Fruit

CanDo Braille Labels: Fruit

by Candoable


Format: Large Print/Braille

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Six Fruit labels: 2 peaches, 2 pineapple, 2 fruit cocktail.

No more mystery cans! These CanDo reusable braille labels make identifying contents of containers a snap. Just clip these CanDo labels quickly and securely to the outside of a can, bottle, or jar, then put your labeled items away quickly, and locate them again independently, even if they get shuffled around. Easy-to-read braille (contracted) is molded into the front, and the corresponding text is engraved on the inside of each label. The labels are hand washable and tough enough to use in the fridge, freezer, and ice chests (not recommended for dishwashers). Quantities are very limited, so order soon!

Save $18 when you order all six of our CanDo Braille Label sets (excluding soda can labels)!

  • Baking Box labels: 1 each of baking soda, baking powder, corn meal, powdered sugar, brown sugar, cake mix.
  • Coke labels: 2 Coke, 2 Diet Coke, 2 Sprite.
  • Pepsi labels: 2 Pepsi, 2 Diet Pepsi, and 2 Sierra Mist.
  • Spice labels: 1 each of basil, cinnamon powder, oregano, garlic, onion powder, and red pepper.
  • Vegetable labels: 2 green bean, 2 corn, and 2 peas.
  • Beans labels: 2 refried beans, 2 black beans, 2 baked beans.
  • Tomato products labels: 2 diced tomatoes, 2 tomato sauce, 2 tomato paste.
  • Don't forget the Braille Measuring Cups and Spoons!
  • Visit the Candoable website for more braille label options!