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Picture of The Fire Cat

The Fire Cat

by Esther Averill


Format: Print/Braille

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Item: BC2306-FIRECAT

June 2023 Book Club Selection
In contracted braille (UEB)
Ages 3 - 7
Grade level: Kindergarten - 3
I Can Read Level 1

Pickles the fire cat to the rescue!

Pickles is a young cat with big paws who wishes to do big things with them! When he's adopted by the local firehouse, Pickles works hard to be a good fire cat. He learns to jump on a fire truck. He learns to help put out a fire, and he even helps out in a rescue.

Beginning readers will cheer as Pickles gets his wish and finds something big to do with his paws. This Level One I Can Read book is perfect for children learning to sound out words and sentences. Whether shared at home or in a classroom, the short sentences, familiar words, and simple concepts of Level One books support success for children eager to start reading on their own.

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