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Picture of Twenty-Two Useful Apps for Blind iPhone Users (2nd Edition)

Twenty-Two Useful Apps for Blind iPhone Users (2nd Edition)

by Peter Cantisani

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Updated: Second Edition (2013)!

This book is a must for any blind or visually impaired person who has or
is thinking about getting an iPhone or iPad.

- Andrew Leibs, About.com Guide
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If you loved our Getting Started with the iPhone book, you'll want to order this dandy listing of 22 of the most useful iPhone apps for blind users, written by Peter Cantisani. Did you know you can use an iPhone to take your blood pressure, listen to turn-by-turn walking or driving directions, record the budding musician in you, and so much more? If you have, or are thinking about getting, an iPhone, order this booklet!

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This full-text full-audio DAISY edition uses synthesized voice.