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Picture of Android Commands and Settings, Android S (12)

Android Commands and Settings, Android S (12)

by Ana Garza G'z

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A Reference Guide for Eyes-Free Users
In one volume

Technology writer Ana Garza G'z introduces the most important accessibility features every Android user should know. Coverage includes TalkBack gestures, voice commands, earcons, settings, and the on-screen braille keyboard as well as accessibility settings, low-vision features, and braille output. Also included are useful odds and ends — such as keyboard shortcuts, USB storage, Bluetooth, and file transfers between your Android and your computer — that make using Google's operating system more efficient. This updated edition is based on a device running stock Android S (12) and Android Accessibility Suite 9.1, but should be easy to follow for users with earlier operating systems or modified versions of Android, such as Touchwiz.

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Chapter 1: TalkBack Gestures
One-Finger Gestures
One-Finger Back and Forth
One-Finger Right Angles
Two-Finger Gestures
Three-Finger Gestures
Four-Finger Gestures
Fingerprint Gestures
Gesture Customization

Chapter 2: TalkBack Voice Commands
Find Items
Text Editing
Device Navigation
Other Commands

Chapter 3: TalkBack Earcons

Chapter 4: Accessibility Settings
Downloaded Apps
Screen Readers
Interaction Controls

Chapter 5: TalkBack Settings

Chapter 6: Low-Vision Settings
Settings > Display for Low-Vision
Settings > Wallpapers & Styles for Low-Vision
Settings > Accessibility for Low-Vision
Interaction Controls for Low Vision
General for Low Vision

Chapter 7: Hardware Keyboards
General Keyboard Commands
System Shortcuts
App Hotkeys
Text Editing Keystrokes
TalkBack and Keyboard Shortcuts
Classic Keymap
Default Keymap

Chapter 8: Braille
TalkBack Braille Keyboard
Setting Up TalkBack Braille Keyboard
Preparing to Use TalkBack Braille Keyboard
Using TalkBack Braille Keyboard
Switching Input Method for TalkBack Braille Keyboard
TalkBack Braille Keyboard Settings
Supported Braille Displays
Setting Up BrailleBack
Preparing to Use BrailleBack
Using BrailleBack with a Hardware Braille Display
Finding BrailleBack Commands
Switching Input Method for BrailleBack
BrailleBack Settings

Appendix A: Volume Level
Defining the Sound Streams
Adjusting Sound Streams
Adjusting Accessibility Volume
Working with Accessibility, Media, and Ringer Volume on the Fly

Appendix B: USB and Android

Appendix C: Bluetooth and Android
Routine Use

Appendix D: Find My Android
Find My Device from the
Find My Device as an App

Appendix E: File Transfers Between Your Computer and Android
Windows and Android
The Mac and Android